International Journal of Unconventional Science

International Journal of Unconventional Science is being translated form Russian to English. Here is what is already available:

  • / International Journal of Unconventional Science | Журнал Формирующихся Направлений Науки \ Issue #E1
  • The last issue, for the time available only in Russian: №12-13 has, in particular, an article by S. Kernbach and O. Kernbach “On Symbols and Memes”. It discusses, in particular, whether esoteric symbols may indeed be related to some “unconventional physics”.

    Kernbach and Zhigalov publish there an article about “new inquisition”

    С. Кернбах, В. Жигалов, А. Смирнов. ‘Молот ведьм’ reloaded: новая инквизиция в борьбе с инакомыслием.

    Vlad Zhigalovs reviews the recent conference on “torsion fields and information theoretic interactions”

    В.А. Жигалов. О конференции «Торсионные поля и информационные взаимодействия — 2016».

    Lot of goodies. I hope all of these will be available in English pretty soon.

    How to register and add comments

    How to register and add comments

    This morning I have received the following email

    I am interested in your new blog on the “Dzhanibekov effect”.How do I register inorder to ask juestions. I live in South East England.
    Qusetion:- what is the difference between “inertial reference system” and “inertial laboratory frame”? I guess one tumbles with the object

    After trying to register myself I have found that indeed the procedure was a bit confusing. The server was adding an extra protection against hackers opening a popup window in Polish.
    After some internet search and research I have found a way of disabling this protection. So that now the registration should work as follows:

    At the bottom of a post there is a place for comments. There you will see:

    When you click on “Login to Reply” or “logged” a new window will open

    There you can register.

    After the registration is completed, you can post comments. Usually first comment is moderated, so it may take a day to appear. Once I see that you are a legitimate user, not an advertising robot or a troll, I take you off the moderation.

    I wish the commenting process would be simpler, but my experience shows some protection is absolutely necessary.