Some day are diamonds (living spiraling force) some days are stones (elliptic)

Yes, elliptically speaking: some days are stones. They whirl on a string and when released hit no target. I was writing about slinging stones with a string, like here

Even if you are good at it, not every shot results in a hit. As John Denver puts it:

Some days are diamonds some days are stones
Sometimes the hard times won’t leave me alone

That happens with me as well. Today is one of these stones.

I’d like to say I’ve been fine and I do
But we both know the truth is hard to come by

My attempts in understanding mathematical derivation of the periodicity of Jacobi elliptic functions with imaginary argument failed. I looked into ten or so different derivations by different authors, and each time there was a hole in the argument that I was not able to fill in. That’s depressing.

But I will continue. Perhaps I will find a good argument, perhaps I will invent one, perhaps someone will help me. It would be not fair to give up!

In the meantime, late in the evening, I am reading the book “Entering the Circle: Ancient Secrets of Siberian Wisdom Discovered by a Russian Psychiatrist“, by Olga Kharitidi

Olga Kharitidi’s debut book is a remarkable account of her spiritual adventure in snowbound Siberia. Joining an ailing friend on a spontaneous trip to the Atai Mountains, Dr. Kharitidi is taken into apprenticeship by a native Shaman who guides her through bizarre, magical, and often terrifying experiences that open her eyes to a wellspring of deeper learning. On the road to Belovedia, a fabled civilization of highly evolved beings, she encounters revolutionary mystical teachings while discovering ancient secrets of magic and healing. At once a modern odyssey and a timeless dreamscape, Entering the Circle is an inspiring story of personal growth and an insightful work about the limitless potential of human spirit.

I am reading this book because I have found this piece on Internet:

I first heard about Kozyrev in Olga Kharitidi’s book, Entering the Circle. This non-fiction book is about the author who is a Russian psychiatrist and her journey into the fascinating world of Siberian shamanism. She recounts her experience of traveling to the Altai Mountains and interacting with shamans. They lead her on a series of trance journeys in which she experiences other Times and places. The Shamans tell her Time is not what she thinks; Time is spirals, two of which are currently intersecting, meaning an era of great change on the planet.

Upon return to her “normal” life, she meets a prominent physicist who invites her to his lab. When she goes there, he shows her a sort of Time machine made out of tubular mirrors. He explains that its design is based on the work of a Nikolai Kozyrev. Olga goes into the tube and experiences similar Time journeys to the ones she had with the shamans in the Altai Mountains.

Nikolai Kozyrev was an important astrophysicist sent at the height of his career to the Gulag by the KGB. While imprisoned he had the opportunity to meet Siberian Shamans also jailed there. They taught him about the nature of Time. Upon being released from prison Kozyrev dedicated all his scientific research to the subject of Time. He concluded Time is not an abstract concept or a static reality but rather an “Alive Energy.”

Kozyrev theorized that all of life is drawing energy off an unseen, spiraling force. Time is nothing more than pure spiraling movement. Time is created by spiraling energy patterns. He called these spiraling energy patterns made by time “torsion fields.”

Torsion fields or torsion waves are words used to describe the spiraling flow of “time energy” that Kozyrev discovered. The word torsion means spinning or twisting. These are often also referred to as scalar waves. Time is three-dimensional spinning vortices of energy existing in all sizes. Kozyrev proved that torsion fields can move at speeds exceeding the speed of light. These vortices of time can interact or intersect.

Rotating objects or sources that release energy like the sun, the planet, the center of the galaxy create torsion fields. Torsion fields are electrically neutral, meaning they cannot be detected with current scientific instruments. Kozyrev’s methods can be used and explored and are still being investigated at the Moscow Institute of Studies in Temporology.

The sun, because of its size, is the main generator of torsion fields in our solar system. The torsion field or time spiral coming from the center of our galaxy is another spinning source that has a major effect on life in our solar system. We are intersecting this torsion field and have been since 1998. This intersection ends in 2012.

Now you can understand why I am interested – “Time is three-dimensional spinning vortices of energy ” Very inspiring (in fact I am reading the book in Russian: Харитиди Ольга — «Вхождение в круг» (скачать)).

Perhaps tomorrow. Will tell you about my progress.