Fields on the horizon

Fields. It’s time to bring them home. Fields are at the foundation of everything. Even consciousness. We need them in our endeavours.

… But I’ll keep on waitin’ ’til you return.
I’ll keep on waiting until the day you learn
You can’t be happy while your heart’s on the roam.
You can’t be happy until you bring it home,
Home to the greenfields and me once again.

So were singing Brothers Four. We have also our own brothers four – The Four Quaternions. And we need to study fields related to their action.
Fields are everywhere. Look

The Origins of the Field Concept in PhysicsErnan McMullin*

The term, ‘‘field,’’ made its first appearance in physics as a technical term in the mid-nineteenth century.But the notion of what later came to be called a field had been a long time in gestation. Early discussions of magnetism and of the cause of the ocean tides had long ago suggested the idea of a ‘‘zone of influence’’ surrounding certain bodies. Johannes Kepler’s mathematical rendering of the orbital motion of Mars encouraged him to formulate what he called ‘‘a true theory of gravity’’ involving the notion of attraction. Isaac Newton went on to construct an eminently effective dynamics, with attraction as its primary example of force. Was his a field theory? Historians of science disagree. Much depends on whether a theory consistent with the notion of action at a distance ought qualify as a ‘‘field’’ theory.Roger Boscovich and Immanuel Kant later took the Newtonian concept of attraction in new directions.It was left to Michael Faraday to propose the ‘‘physical existence’’ of lines of force and to James Clerk Maxwell to add as criterion the presence of energy as the ontological basis for a full-blown ‘‘fieldtheory’’ of electromagnetic phenomena.Key words:Johannes Kepler; Isaac Newton; Roger Boscovich; Immanuel Kant;Michael Faraday; magnetism; gravity; field theory.


International Institute of Biophysics, ehem.Raketenstation, Kapellener Str., D-41472 Neuss, Germany, and Future Science & Medicine, Gotlandstr.7, D-10439 Berlin, Germany
Published in: Beloussov, L.V., Popp, F.A., Voeikov, V.L., and Van Wijk, R., (eds.): Biophotonics and Coherent Systems. Moscow University Press, Moscow 2000, pp.1-25.
Due to recent advances in several disciplines, the basic features of a holistic biophysics are now emerging. It is proposed that the postulates for such a field must include that it will be based on the intrinsic holism of quantum theory and the properties of macroscopic quantum effects, that it should include the principles of nonlocality, nonseparability, and interconnectedness, that it will be based on a field picture of reality and the organism, and finally must include consciousness.
The paper attempts to show why field models are appropriate tools for the holistic modeling of the organism, proposes a hierarchy of regulation systems based on fields, gives a review of field models proposed in biology, biophysics, consciousness research and social science, and discusses the possible role of fields in bridging the mind-body gap.
Finally, a discussion of the perspectives that may be opened up for biophysics by some recently proposed extensions of electromagnetic theory leads the author to suggest a role for the physical vacuum in the organism.

But we are not going to travel that far. Not yet. For now we will need the concept of a vector field. Vector fields are at the basis of “differential geometry”.

Vector field of wind velocity

Vector fields are at the basis of “continuous groups of symmetries”. Vector fields are needed for understanding the famous laws of conservation of energy, momentum, angular momentum, electric charge ….

So we will start to talk about them, as we will need them for understanding the Dzhanibekov effect through geometry. That was Einstein’s dream, to understand everything through geometry, and through fields. True, at some point he started to doubt if such a project is viable. What if all is discrete? What if there is no continuity? But then – what would be the connecting principle?

But, for now, we will introduce vector fields. First with complex numbers, then with quaternions, then ….. who knows where we will end?

When China Rules the World

The title of the post can be found on Wikipedia with additional information. But this post is more personal. Indeed China rulez! Few weeks ago I received the following email:

Quantum World-2017

Time: 16th-18th October, 2017

Place: Changsha, Hunan Province, China

Dear Dr. Arkadiusz Jadczyk,

On behalf of the organizing committee of CQW-2017, we sent you a letter a few days ago invited you to join us and give a speech at first Annual Conference of Quantum World (CQW-2017), which will be held on 16th-18th October, in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. It seems you have not received that letter yet, so I am writing again to extend our sincere invitation. As we have learnt your valuable contribution to Asymptotic Formula for Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Tunneling Probabilities…, we believe your inspirational speech and participation will highlight this congress a lot!

Under the theme “From E=MC2 to Quantum Industry”, the first Annual Conference of Quantum World (CQW-2017) aims at 200+ oral presentations in Quantum Physics and Mechanics, Quantum Information Science, Quantum Chemistry, Quantum Optics, Quantum Materials, and Quantum System, Quantum Engineering and Application, which cover hot topics with both theoretical and experimental contributions.

The conference venue Changsha, as the capital of Hu’nan province, is a beautiful, creative, historical and cultural city with comfortable climate, unique scenery and convenient transportation. It will give you a special experience on the colligation and integration of the Huxiang Culture with the modern civilization.

Worth mentioning that partial scientific program with speakers’ profile and excellent speech titles has been updated on website, kindly click here to view and give us your valuable advice.

Look forward to your kind reply with positive response.

Sincerely yours,

CQW-2017 Organizing Committee

Of course I was surprised, because I do not expect anybody but few experts in the whole world care about my paper. Looks to me like a huge conference industry.

China opens world’s ‘highest and longest glass bottomed bridge’

In my blog post Lorentz transformation from an elementary point of view – from blogging to science publishing I wrote about a paper that came as the result of blogging. This is the second paper that I wrote together with prof. Jerzy Szulga, a continuation of our previous paper, A Comment on “On the Rotation Matrix in Minkowski Space-time” by Ozdemir and Erdogdu,, Reports on Mathematical Physics, 74(1), 2014, 39-44,
DOI: 10.1016/S0034-4877(14)60056-2. Today I received from my coauthor a message with a copy of another invitation from China:

Dear Dr. ….,

I’m writing to follow-up my last invitation as below, would you please give me a tentative reply? Thank you very much. I apologize for the inconvenience if the letter disturbed you more than once.

It is our great pleasure and privilege to welcome you to join the 8th World Gene Convention-2017, which will take place in Macao, China during November 13-15, 2017. We would like to welcome you to be the chair/speaker in Theme 902: Agriculture, Food and Plant Biotechnology while presenting about A Comment on “On the Rotation Matrix in Minkowski Space-Time” by Ozdemir and Erdogdu…….

If the suggested thematic session is not your current focused core, you may look through the whole sessions and transfer another one that fit your interest (more info about the program is available at

Under our SAB members’ contributions and endeavor, BIT’s 7th World Gene Convention-2016 (WGC-2016), successfully held in Shanghai, China during November 13-15, 2016. Totally, there were nearly 300 world-renowned experts, professors, laboratory principals, project leaders and representatives of well-known enterprises attended the WGC-2016. Participants from the international enterprises, academic and research institutions enjoyed the three days scientific program. Depending on the warmly support and good suggestions from all of the participants, we are confident in organizing WGC-2017 which would be better and more successful than WGC-2016.

WGC-2017 features a very strong technical program, mainly focused on: breakthroughs in gene, advances genomics & genetics, new research of DNA and RNA, focus on basic research, the frontier research of life sciences, new biotherapy discovery, emerging areas for medicine applications, robust technology development, and cutting-edge Biotechnology. It aims to provide a platform for all experts from academia, industry and national labs to discuss latest hot researches and achievements. Attendees will hear world-class speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the gene, biotechnology and life sciences field. The business & academic experts who are from home and abroad will give excellent speeches.

In addition to the dynamic scientific program, you will benefit from the wonderful experience in Macao, China. Macao is an international free port. It’s famous for light industry, tourism, and hotel. Macao is also one of the most developed and richest regions in the world, this is a city of amazing and fascinating cultural wealth. The unique blend of European and Oriental cultures existing here creates a pleasurable and laid back atmosphere in a truly beautiful city. We hope you will enjoy your stay in this beautiful city with all its feature, beauty, architecture and hospitality!

We expect your precious comments or suggestions; also your reference to other speakers will be highly appreciated. We look forward to receiving your replies on the following questions:

1. What is the title of your speech?

2. Do you have any suggestions about our program?

For more information, please visit the conference website

We look forward to see you in Macao in 2017 for this influential event.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Teresa Xiao

Organizing Committee of WGC-2017

It is only Chinese people can have such a broad and brave imagination and vision of the future. To connect Lorentz and spin groups of matrices with genes and agriculture – it is a real feat.

How to register and add comments

How to register and add comments

This morning I have received the following email

I am interested in your new blog on the “Dzhanibekov effect”.How do I register inorder to ask juestions. I live in South East England.
Qusetion:- what is the difference between “inertial reference system” and “inertial laboratory frame”? I guess one tumbles with the object

After trying to register myself I have found that indeed the procedure was a bit confusing. The server was adding an extra protection against hackers opening a popup window in Polish.
After some internet search and research I have found a way of disabling this protection. So that now the registration should work as follows:

At the bottom of a post there is a place for comments. There you will see:

When you click on “Login to Reply” or “logged” a new window will open

There you can register.

After the registration is completed, you can post comments. Usually first comment is moderated, so it may take a day to appear. Once I see that you are a legitimate user, not an advertising robot or a troll, I take you off the moderation.

I wish the commenting process would be simpler, but my experience shows some protection is absolutely necessary.